The cryptocurrency market DEFI+NFT, OORT is here.

From the second half of last year to this year, NFT Defi has maintained the hottest topic in the blockchain cryptocurrency market. Defi has received a lot of excellent projects, and NFT has recently appeared many wonderful works. For example, our OORT, I think this is a very good project, and it will definitely become a very good project. Defi and NFT work at the same time, combined together. OORT not only has collectibles, but also most of the characteristics of Defi and traditional financial markets, including but not limited to loans, agriculture and mortgages. OORT, the advantages of NFT loans are very convenient; maximum protection for borrowers and lenders, such as freely setting the mortgage amount, no unrealistic NFT prices, reducing interaction time, reducing gasoline costs, and automatically returning to each time after NFT collection Loan pool. NFTs with financial attributes will definitely change the existing NFT market, and even become the mainstream of the NFT market. This can be imagined as a decentralized pawn shop OORT proposal, issuing OORT tokens or special NFTs as transaction fees; bundling a variety of different Hierarchical NFTs are used for mortgages and loans, and cooperate with NFTs that traditionally have huge IP traffic, such as NBAtopshot. Products should be updated in time and follow community suggestions in order to make products better!

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